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Veils by Lily Mantilla/Chapel Veil Giveaway

Okay, I am going to have to keep this brief because I still have so much more studying to do before  my biostatistics exam tomorrow. However, I came across this link via Crescat and had to about great timing. If anyone out there feels like they are being called to wear the Chapel Veil or Mantilla to mass (as I have been), this is a great opportunity to win a free veil. Veils by Lily is giving away a free veil to one lucky entrant (any veil worth up to $67). Please see the information below...
Mantilla Giveaway!I am pleased to announce Veils by Lily's very first mantilla giveaway! Enter for a chance to win any oneVeils by Lily mantilla of your choice (up to a $67.00 value). You may browse all mantillas here. Anyone may enter--including men wishing to gift this veil to a loved one. If you are thinking about veiling but are undecided, please do enter as well! To enter, please leave a comment below. To earn a single additional entry, post about this giveaway on Facebook or your blog, or send an email about it to family and friends (and let me know in your comment!). Comments will be open until 11:59 pm on Tuesday, August 2. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 3. *Please make sure I have a way of contacting you if you are the winner!* UPDATE: I thought this comment from a male visitor was just wonderful, so I'm posting it here for all to see! Would love to win this as a BDay gift for my girlfriend... who's also my wife. We debated the whole "to veil or not to veil" issue and finally said, who cares if people think we're being goody twoshoes... God knows we're imperfect and so does our confessor! Ha! Anyhow, we LOVE your veil and I am SO proud of my wife. She is young and vibrant and in love with Jesus so it's such an awesome testimony that veils aren't for old italian grannies, they are meant to accentuate the glory of womenhood and sanctity. Thanks to all you women who love God so much and Lily for the awesome veils.
I took a quick look an have to admit...they look stunning and what better way to get into a very beautiful tradition than by winning one of these beautiful veils. Therefore, if you are still thinking about it, just enter in the contest and see what happens. Who knows? You may just win and become part of an increasing number of ladies out there who are immersing themselves in a beautiful and absolutely wonderful tradition. I will post more about my own mantilla experience soon enough...but until then, a link to this giveaway! May the best saint-in-training win!!!

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At some point following this biostatistics exam, I will post about my experience wearing a veil to mass for the first time...but until then, best of wishes on the contest!

Pax Vobiscum!


  1. I love the reverence the women who wear chapel veils have for God, and the aknowledgement that the church is Holy that they show. They are a visible sign of this, much like a priest wearing his collar is a sign of his dedication. It is a beautiful tradition that I hope makes even more of a comeback.

  2. I'm new to wearing a chapel veil and I love the tradition behind. It also serves to remind me that mass is special and to focus on that and not what other people are doing/wearing.

  3. Wearing a veil to a Catholic Church is respect by a woman . I use to wear one all the time. i am going to wear everything I enter the Catholic Church.So many of our value and respect to Mary and Jesus has been not shown. it is for us to set this example and our younger people will understand and follow. I was a convert, had attend the Catholic Church with my friends. Had always loved the beauty, respect and the warmth you felt in the mass and hearing the songs in Latin The love shown to Jesus Mother, Mary.. Jo Ansert