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CatholicSciGeek is on Twitter!

I did away with my old Twitter account some time after Lent. It got to the point where I was Tweeting nonsense and wasting too much time one it. However, I just came crawling back to it.

Instead Tweeting about my own life's mundane details, I intend to being my Catholic Science Geek insight and observations to Twitter in a 140 character or less format this time around. Therefore, feel free to follow me at @CatholicSciGeek.This Twitter account will certainly be easier on the eyes versus my somewhat lengthy Blogspot (or, recently, Paperblog) posts. My apologies for my typically uber-lengthy blogs. It seems like no matter how much I try to cut down what I want to say, my posts always tend to be pretty long. I hope, however, that they may provide readers with something useful regardless of length. In any event, let's see where Twitter will take us.

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Servant of God,
 please pray for me as I continue on my mission to spread the good word
 through all sorts of fancy media...just as you did in this life.

Hope this Twitter idea works!

Pax Vobiscum

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