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BADCATHOLIC checked out my blog! No, not just checked out....he refused to promote me! (On top of referring to me as a guy, making fun of my travels, and accusing me of treason...)

Check out his blog and see what this whippersnapper wrote for yourself!

 In case you're wondering, I've been checking out his blog for some time and his blog is part of the reason why I even started this blog.

So yeah, I'm peeved that he cautioned his viewers to not follow me....and will return the favor by cautioning you to avoid his blog at all costs. I mean, yes he references epic classics such as Lord of the Rings and writes some pretty hysterical/informative blogs that (for lack of better terms) seem to channel the wit and theological knowledge of C.S. Lewis. However, this guy has bad news written all over him. Case in point, his "40 Days of Badassery." How dare he post every day of Lent?!? Doesn't he have anything better to do besides showing off his immense talent for writing about all that is good and Catholic. Geesh! Who does he think he is? A contemporary Doctor of the Church?!?! Saint Thomas Aquinas?!? 

You know what? I just had a better idea! How about we help make sure that his blog followers will never again number 100. How about you follow his blog so that his blog will have 199 followers...because nothing will irk him more than being so close to 200...but so far away.

In all seriousness, I am a huge fan of this guy and truly honored that he checked out my blog.

Before I go, one more thing. Marc, as far as travels go...there's are many reasons why I enjoy travelling...Not because I'm a traitor...but because no matter where I go, I see something that reminds me of home...
Portobelo, Panama

Pax Vobiscum!


  1. So as a grad student who loves God, good books, Doctor Who, Merlin, BBC's Sherlock, chocolate, Middle Earth, follows BadCatholic, etc etc ... I figured I was kinda obligated to follow your blog. Solidarity, yes?

  2. INDEED! I see you also knit and doodle? I may have to follow your blog too!

  3. No doodles, sadly. One thing I've always wanted to be able to do, an never have. But knitting I do rather too much of; I'm gradually, gently getting my fiance used to the idea of having "yarn money" be a part of our budget after we get married. ;)

  4. Hahaha! I hear you and fortunately my wonderful boyfriend is extremely supportive about one day marrying and art/science nut.