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When your body is a temple...of doom

A lot of laboratories play music throughout the day to either relieve boredom, keep people awake, drown out the noise made by squeaky lab equipment... or simply just to maintain sanity. When you start off on the bottom of the totem pole, you have absolutely no right whatsoever to play your music. The right to pick a station is a hallowed honor that is only reserved for the post docs, the PI, the person in charge of the lab, anyone with a Dr. in front of their names, you name it. I don't take issue with any of this because I know my place and there is no prestige or honor in just walking up to the computer and changing the station...unless you've spent years earning that honor. Besides, I highly doubt anyone out there listens to my music or would put up with it for more than half an hour at most. (Because my music taste is eclectic at best and just plain weird at worst).

They put Pandora on shuffle, so we kept going back and forth between Mary Poppins music to Kesha, and a bunch of other music I never listen to. I don't mind, I give all sorts of music a chance and usually come out of a laboratory with at least one more new artist to listen to....and it did give me a chance to relive the Little Mermaid. Today, however, I heard one of the most tasteless songs I have heard in a while. The lyrics were terrible and the female singing the chorus sounded like a drone that lived to please the thugs who were singing (rapping?). In the interest of preventing migraines from the terrible garbage lyrics, and in the interest of keeping my inner "rabid feminist" quiet, I've chosen a few lyrics...of this blatant misuse of soundwaves.

"Girl you got something special something special for me

****....(skip a bunch of other crappy lyrics).....****

I wanna get beside ya

In the backseat

So I can be your backseat driver"
****....(skip a bunch of other crappy lyrics).....****
Oh you a good girl its cool I play pretend too
I heard you had a baby
You want a New Boy in you"

Dear woman who got paid to sing in this song and any woman who is a fan of this song:
"Do you not realise that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you and whom you received from God?"

With that said....YOU DESERVE BETTER. God took time out of his busy schedule to make you! Christ died on a cross for you! The Holy Spirit resides in you! They invested so much in you so that you could become someone worthy of respect, love, and dignity.

"Girl you got something special something special for me"
"I wanna get beside ya in the backseat"
Forget the boys who want to take you into a backseat (or the common room couch on the sixth floor of the residence hall, or the mattress on the Humanities building roof, or behind the stadium bleachers....). There are men out there who will make you better out there that will bring out the best in you. There are men out there who will honor you, honor your body, and respect you. You can do better than some thug who only desires to have his way with you in the back of some car. YOU'RE BETTER THAN THIS. You were made to be more than this. You weren't made to be little more than a means to an end. If he truly cares about you, he will want to give you more than a backseat. If he does not do everything in his power to protect you, respect you, and love you above his own selfish needs and wants...then he doesn't deserve you. 

LADIES!!! There is a reason why the thugs singing this song will one day be forgotten and why someone like Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy will live in the hearts of women for years to come...because men, REAL MEN, know how to respect women and truly earn their respect. 
His appearance may have changed over the years...but he is still worth my time....

"Oh you a good girl its cool I play pretend too
I heard you had a baby
You want a New Boy in you"

I really hope that I don't have to explain why this part in particular is so incredibly vulgar. This is no way to talk to a woman, let alone a mother. I don't know what disgusts me more...
1. How he's turning her motherhood into a joke
2. How she's not caring for her child because she's giving a guy like this the time of day
3. How little respect this guy has for the creation of a human life
4. How he's turned motherhood into something that is little more than a fetish
5. How this woman is little more than an object to this guy
6. How little respect, this guy is showing the woman
7. How crude and demeaning innuendo such as this can be passed off as music
8. How this guy has turned sex into a dirty and tasteless action

People often complain that religion ruins sex, oppresses women, and interferes with healthy sexuality. Anyone who's read my man JPII's "Theology of the Body" will tell you, the world is completely wrong when it comes to "relationships," "love," and "sex." In today's world, these words have turned into labels for something else: LUST, DISRESPECT, EMPTINESS. People that sing these songs demean women and turn sex into something so tasteless and cardboard-like. There should be more to a relationship than sexual gratification just as there is more to a woman than her physical attributes. There is more to love than "give me what I want....and then maybe I can reciprocate." There is more to sex than a physical act designed set off some hormones in your brain that make you feel good about yourself for half an hour a best. Ladies, you sell yourself short settling for any of these "worldly ideals" when there is so much more that you deserve.

Therefore, TO ARMS! Ladies, it's time to DEFEND OURSELVES against men that don't deserve us. We MUST NOT settle for empty promises. We MUST NOT settle for boys who don't deserve to be called men. We MUST NOT allow ourselves to be used and broken by people who think of nothing but themselves. We DESERVE respect, honor, love, protection, equality, sacrifice...AND SOMEONE WHO CAN BRING OUT THE BEST IN US. Therefore, be patient and be aware. Acknowledge your worth and treasure your dignity. You were made for so much more than whatever songs like these tell you that you deserve. You deserve something so much greater and more beautiful than lyrics such as these can ever promise. With that said, PREPARE yourselves for those times when you're tempted to settle for less. It doesn't matter if you're single, how many "boys-disguised-as-men" you've slept with, how undeserving the world makes you feel. No matter what your past looks like and what temptations you still face,  you were made for more. 

God still loves you, the Holy Spirit still resides in you, and Christ still died for you. These three things alone make you worth more than any number of demons you face every day and deprave songs such as the one above. YOU ARE WORTH MORE. You are worth more than the leather interior of any Mercedes... You are worth more than a one night stand in a velvet-lined penthouse apartment... You are worth more than a dozen roses empty promises...If you don't believe me and deem yourself too unworthy of respect and true love for some reason... I highly suggest checking out this venerable modern woman's story.

MEN, don't get me wrong. I know there's plenty of worthy gentlemen out there. I know there's men out there who stand beside their women regardless of how many times she stumbles. I know there's men out there who will still beat the stuffing out of "boys-disguised-as-men" who mistreat women. I know there's men out there who know a woman's worth and are fully aware of how special they are. To all the real men out there, I salute you. You are the "real men" that give women like us hope. For this, I thank you.

God wants us to be in healthy, loving relationships (unless you're called for something else that is equally as awesome). He wants us to experience all the joys and pleasures of sexual intimacy that exists between a couple that TRULY loves, respects, and honors each other. It's up to us, however, to choose whether or not to live up to these expectations.

Pax Vobiscum

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