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The Necessary Intro Post...

In case the title of this blog hasn’t convinced you yet….I am a Roman Catholic. I’m the type of Catholic that, after turning in my biochemistry final, finds the nearest church to get on her knees and offer a prayer of thanksgiving. Does being Catholic mean I am an expert on Catholicism? Absolutely not. Chances are I will never come to understand everything about it. Am I a perfect Catholic? Absolutely not…which is why I’ve made a list of things that I must change.
  1.  I need to go to confession and receive the Eucharist more often.
  2.  I have a Latin/English version of the New Testament that I don’t read often enough
  3. “Omnipresent” is not necessarily a word you find in a child’s vocabulary and by the time I finally grasped this concept, I had already turned my relationship with Christ into a long distance one. Imust accept Christ as a constant companion in my life.
  4. Faith… I’ve only scratched the surface of my potential.
  5. Everything else. My goal is constant improvement. I refuse to settle and become a stagnant pond! I need movement! I need improvement! I need to KNOW MORE.

As I have already mentioned, I’m a HUGE science geek type of scientist. I cannot get enough of biology, genetics, chemistry, you name it! Don’t believe me? Check out my geeky track record:
1. Graduated high school as valedictorian of my class and based graduation speech on Lord of the Rings
2. Graduated from Montclair State University summa cum laude with a bachelors in biology
3. Loved biology and MSU so much I decided to get a masters degree there in molecular biology
4. Taught dozens of students over the years (everything from ecology to space to genetics)
5. Current PhD candidate at Columbia University

Though I am a HUGE science nerd, I may never completely understand everything there is to know about signaling pathways, evolution, toxicology, etc.  Perhaps this inability to fully comprehend religion and science is what’s drawn me to them. What better way to keep my inquisitive mind and restless spirit occupied than two never-ending brain teasers!?!  

Pax Vobiscum


  1. I think I'm actually addicted to your blog. I know this is the first post, but that's because I actually dug back to the beginning after starting at the end. Here is something I posted on my facebook page today after having read your review and interview of Genesis One Code:

    "I think I'm in love with this blog! Finally! FINALLY I find more people (AND ONE A CATHOLIC NO LESS!) that believes in a compatibility between science and religion! Better yet! Someone with a BS in Biology and MS in molecular biology! I WANT TO MEET THIS PERSON! The Author of "Genesis One Code" seems to have the right idea: just because science can explain so much, doesn't mean we don't need God or that God has no place in our world, or the other way around! I may just have to read this and see for myself...

    ¡Viva la religión y la ciencia!"

    I recently took a nanotechnology course that refreshed (and finally drilled in) my love of biology and science (go AFM lecture!). For a long time I've been pondering God's constant nudging toward science/medical fields and what to do with it, as well as trying to find my own answers to Science and Religion, rather than Science vs Religion...not to mention attempting to keep a middle-ground with my Athiest (and Geology post-grad) friend.

    I know it's rather long winded, but really all of that ^^^ is just a preamble to a very BIG thank you from me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog, really.

  2. Hi Science Geek,
    Came across your site while searching for a kindle/ebook version of Sister Faustina’s Diary. (will check that link out in a bit by the way, thanks!) And let me put it this way--science geek? Catholic?!! This I’ve got to follow :)
    I’m a self-proffessed science geek as well, and imagine my excitement when I read here that you’re a biology major! BS Biology grad right here as well, and I am so with you--all those four years had me speechlessly amazed at the wonder of God’s creation. (I went on to study Medicine, and you can imagine, the human body is God’s most intricate work of art!)
    Looking forward to reading more posts. Hope you get to visit my site soon, too. I’m actually planning on rehashing a series of articles I wrote during my college years about what the attributes of life can teach us about our spiritual life. From one science geek to another :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! (I know it's about a month later, but I am still catching up on quite a few things.) We must talk more in the future!