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As Prolife as Gandalf the White

Nazgul killing spree!?!....Not on my watch!

I got my license at age 22 more out of necessity than desire. I guess it all started when I was 16. I took drivers ed in high school and passed the written exam by the skin of my teeth. One more answer wrong and I would have been the only person who failed that test. I was excited about it, I even put the certificate in the fancy china cabinet when I got home. Then, for some reason, I just forgot about it...and then stopped caring. Two years passed by, the certificate expired, and the excitement wore off. In time, I had no desire to retake the exam and I kind of just started avoiding the whole license thing like the plague. 

I went to college and took the bus whenever I needed to go somewhere. I took the train into NYC and, if I needed something, I would just walk into town. It was only 3.4 miles to and forth, and I could totally handle it. Well, except for that one time I walked into A&P during a Snapple sale in the middle of one of the hottest days of the semester. I used to LOVE Snapple and still do, so I totally stocked up on Snapple (2 for the price of 1!!!). I know what you're thinking...One girl with no upper body strength at all, a hot day, and 24 bottles of Snapple....I must have been crazy. Well, yeah, I was...but that's besides the point because in the end, I made it back with Snapple to spare. I didn't have the strength, but I certainly had the will...and sometimes that is all you need. 

As far as my license goes, I found myself in a situation where I needed to get my license. I was going to start teaching in another town in September and there was no way I could get there by bus. After slacking off on the license to the point where I developed an irrational fear of driving, I put my mind to it. 3 written tests, a small fortune in driving school fees, and 3 on road exams later....I got my license. Soon after, I got my first car...a white Saturn named Evelyn. I loved this car until it gave up on me in the middle of Maryland, in the dead of winter, and made me get towed all the way back to Jersey. I got a lot of great memories of this car and I cannot even tell you how much I loved my bumper stickers. I had a sweet collection between my "Got Monks?" sticker...Celtic Thunder...and this baby...the prize of my collection:

FREE STICKER compliments of these guys....

One of the first things I did when I got my new white Saturn (named "Gandalf the White"), was get another copy of this bumper sticker. I mean, it's a great message for all those people who think us pro-lifers are nothing but "a few hypocrites" who are only pro-life when it comes to abortion. Guess what? I'm not one of those people. In fact, I support life all the way....and that's one of the reasons why I love being Catholic: CONSISTENCY. Our Church teaches us to respect life, all forms of life regardless of age, health, race, etc. Truth be told, I wasn't always "pro-life" in the sense that I respected all life. Fortunately, my conscience makes my brain put in a lot of overtime until I have the right idea about something. 

Though there are some things that I am still thinking over, I have finished debating about the sanctity of life. I have come to the realization that the Catholic Church is 100% right when it comes to life. Life is sacred, not to be destroyed through violence, hate, greed, etc. Life is sacred from conception to natural death. Life is sacred regardless of what medical advances we come up with. Life is sacred no matter how "inconvenient." Life is sacred no matter how painful, hard, tiresome, bleak, or substandard the world considers it to be. Life means a lot to me and that's the reason why there are so many pro-life stickers on Gandalf the White. 

I'm sure I must get a lot of funny looks when people see someone like me walking to a car like mine, full of pro-life bumper stickers, rosary on rear view mirror, a few scapulars, and a holy card stuck onto the visor by a clip with the Blessed Virgin Mary on it. I am sure they expect the car to belong to some aged and crotchety Republican woman (I do drive a girl car after all) who will sooner take a swipe at you with her carpet bag than listen to why you voted Democrat. For the record, I am neither...can't vote for either party with a good conscience. People certainly don't expect a college student who wears a bunch of badass band tees, lab coats, and combat boots to ever drive a car with so many of those kinds of stickers. Truth be told, considering the town I live in, I am quite surprised that someone hasn't attempted to rip off these stickers. Perhaps the Dropkick Murphys sticker that scares away any would-be sticker rippers...or perhaps it is all the CDs littered all over the front (because nothing says intimidating like Enya, U2, and the occasional Muse CD). Or maybe someone up there is looking after my car for me... 

Weird stares or no, I'm proud of my car and one time, someone even complimented me on them. I remember parking my car at A&P one day (probably to get more Snapple now that I don't have to carry it for over a mile and a half)...and a woman stops in her tracks and starts staring at my car. I thought she was going to say something along the lines of "How dare you?!?" However, she takes one look at me and says, "Wow. I agree with it. All of it. This is great. This is really great." 

With that said, it should probably come as no surprise that I am extremely proud of owning one of the most pro-life cars out there. Go Gandalf the White!

Pax Vobiscum


  1. This post reminded me of my first car, Lucy, a ford station wagon ... she had my favorite bumper sticker of all time, which is a seal that has a tear running down its face, holding a sign that says "Save the Baby Humans." I love it because it makes people have to stop and think to get what it means. :)

    Good old Lucy ... I do miss her sometimes.

  2. Yeah, much trouble as she was...will always have a space in my heart.